Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Working Algorithm for Camera Problem

This is a working algorithm for the camera problem, this algorithm works with polygons (this works for any polygon with these features in the worst case scenario) with a finite amount of equal straight sides, a finite amount of straight protruding walls inside the room and a finite amount of concave angles. The algorithm goes as thus.
a=concave angles         w=protruding walls         c=camera

                                           a+(w+1)= c
this excludes polygons with no protruding walls or concave angles which will always need 1camera, polygons with 1 concave angle will always need 1 camera also.


  1. I'm confused: according to this formula, wouldn't a square need five cameras because it has four walls and zero concave angles? In reality, it only needs one.

  2. Maybe instead of equals it should be greater-than-or-equals? Like ≥ ?

  3. Also, I'd love to see some of the examples that led you to make this conjecture. Let me know if you need any help with how to upload photos or how to create digital images.

  4. I was contemplating this equation and it turns out to only work with, "the WORST POSSIBLE PROBLEM." Unfortunately, I was not given the actual definition for, "the WORST POSSIBLE PROBLEM," so it was a little hard for me to grasp the actual concept.